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Monique Thomaes: art in public space

Südspitze Marzahn

Berlin-Marzahn 2000



The call for tender was made by the Wohnungsbaugesellschaft Marzahn GmbH, Berlin. 8 artists residing in Germany were invited to participate. The competition was called for in the course of extensive renovation and innovative modernisation works on two buildings of the Wohnungsbaugesellschaft Marzahn, a 21 storey house and a 11 storey building complex. The task was to design art work which, unlike a temporary installation, was to permanently remain on the building. The artwork should appear not as a decorative addition to the building, but as one of it's integral components. The chosen realization of the artwork should furthermore reflect the implications of modern media and iconography. The budget for the planning and the execution of the project amounts to DM 250.000.

General concept Blue Motion for Marzahn: 1. a sculpture of light 2. a video installation Both aspects of the design concept refer to each other, creating fascinating interactions between the inside and the outside of the 21 storey house and also taking subtle account of the perceptive skills of the beholder. The light sculpture covers the whole building and denotes it's content. The video work creates a link to the light sculpture but has it's own individual identity as it defines the indoor atmosphere. The inhabitants are integrated into the concept of the artwork to a strong degree: The light sculpture is set into motion as soon as the lift is operated. The video installation is triggered as soon as somebody enters the lobby.

The renovationproject was ultimately cancelled by the Wohnungsbaugesellschaft.