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Monique Thomaes: art in public space

Maaltecenter, Gent




Contract awarded by the Studie- en Expertisebureau De Palmenaer, Gent Open competition 10 artists were selected to further develop their draft designs.

The assignment was to develop a contemporary solution for the remodelling of an important traffic junction, and thus to draw attention to this point of entry into the city. The artwork was to be integrated into the facades of two facing buildings and to connect the two buildings.


Duet – Interactive Light Sculpture

Two lines of light were attached to each of the two buildings in the middle of each façade: they stand for the two legs of the letter M (the logo of the Maaltecenter). Through the connection of the vertical light lines to a timer, the dormant state is regularly broken; the light shines up from below in as many stages as there are lamps – and back down again. After this movement, the work returns to its dormant state.