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Monique Thomaes: art in public space

Paul und Charlotte Kniese-Schule

Berlin-Lichtenberg 1999 / 2000



Lichtenberg district council invited seven selected artists to tender for this project which was commissioned as building-integrated art. The task was to create artwork for the Paul und Charlotte Kniese school in Berlin-Lichtenberg. The competition was started in order to select an artist, whose artistic concept would take special account of the perceptive skills of the estimated 480 Paul and Charlotte Kniese school pupils, aged 3 to 18. The school will be attended by pupils with serious visual impairment, with visual impairment and multiple handicaps. and also by pupils without handicap. Due to a lack of suitable space within the school, the concept has to be realized outside the school. The budget for the realization of the artwork amounts DM 124.000.

A freeze with Braille writing runs in relief along the southern wall of the yard. 28 plates, each containing 6 lights structured like Braille character cases, allow the presentation of Braille texts. Using software allows text written in advance to be displayed, but the lights of the individual plates can also be switched on and off manually, thus enabling the user to create their own Braille characters.

The concept won the second prize.