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Monique Thomaes: profile



Monique Thomaes was born in Belgium, she has been living in the Netherlands since 1965, in Berlin since 1988. From 1998 to 2001 she worked as Guest Professor at the Higher Institute for Fine Arts – Flanders, Antwerp. 2001 sees her living in Berlin as well as Antwerp.

If one wanted to concisely connect two important points of her artistic biography and, in an analogous manner, span a kind of bridge, one could maintain that out of the serial components of the earlier sculpture developed the successive pictures of a film sequence: her sculpture's transparent glass, combining transparency and qualities of mirror-like reflection, has now become the celluloid stripe or magnetic tape. Light, in the way that a free-standing sculpture requires it, now illuminates the picture turning it into a negative. Rather than meaning the extensive area required for static objects, space exists now as a platform for continuously flowing images. Thomaes ‘videowork can be seen as an observation of/ reaction on/ spaces, light, time, movement. Meditative, slow, poetic works alternate with work in which the original sound is converted into dynamic choreographs by using or misusing editing technics.

(Angelika Stepken, Berlin/Florenz – translation John Epstein, Berlin)